Trump, obsessed with Obama

Sometimes I think Trump is a bit too obsessed with Obama. Why won’t this guy just leave the ex-president alone? …

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You think you can’t love again but you’re wrong. Each heartbeat is about as many times as you can love …

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Never let anyone dictate your destiny. Only you can fight for the future you want.

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Nobody is irredeemable. There is no situation you cannot come out from.


I am The Greatest. There’s nobody greater than me in what I do. The spotlight is shinning on me. I …

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Laugh, even in the face of peril.

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The book behind the book is the real book.

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In whatever you do in life you must have focus. You could lose your money or your charm, but focus …

No to racism

The killing of blacks by white cops must stop. Say no to racial disparity.  #NoToRacism

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I used to wonder why celebrities talked a lot about haters, but later I realised that people just hate you for …

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Closeness is not always affection. Be wary of dangerous people.

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Perfection is a lifestyle not an achievement.

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There is happiness in hard work, just keep going.


I rush home yet again and this time I take a seat. I cry for hours. Dad comes to the …

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You can dream new dreams and plan new futures. Yes you can.

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Each new day is yet another chance to streamline your dreams. Embrace it.