“Experience is another excuse for the inability to capture young minds with the right information.”

~ Victor Enesi


“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” ~ Nelson Mandela

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Rape; the middle ground

A friend and I were discussing on rape; how the way women dress influences incidents of rape. Here is my stand:

I wrote a post some days back titled Inside the mind of the rapist where I rebuked the notion that a woman’s (indecent) dressing should be grounds for rape or sexual violence. Given that a woman has the right (in most parts of the world) to express herself in her dressing. I also mentioned that rapists should be re-orientated and not just jailed, as the root problem exists in their minds.

And what is the rapist’s problem?

The rapist can’t differentiate a NO from YES. Most times when a rape suspect is asked why he committed such crime, there are usually responses like, “She was too curvy…” and “The way she looked at me…” and “Her skirt was too short, she did not have to dress like that…” and “I thought she wanted it…”

Yes, I know, savage replies, but that is the problem we face. So the root cause of the problem is the mentality of the rapist. Something’s critically wrong in the rapist’s head that needs to be fixed by no other than you and I (society). It’s not enough to just jail them for years, they also need thorough rehabilitation and so many societies lack the latter.

So in the discussion I had with my friend, I thought about something: Yes, ladies have the right to express themselves fashion-wise, but yet again, ladies are aware of these vices of rape and sexual violence. Ladies are aware of the mindset of these rapists.

The middle ground is this: why provoke the possibility of rape when you know too well the existence of these faulty human beings?

The society has a lot to do in combating rape, but a lot can also be done individually. I know that this aspect of the conversation is as complicated as it gets, because if we say that women should mind the way they dress because rapists are everywhere, then we begin to form a society where women are suppressed and that in turn defeats the purpose.

What is your own middle ground?



The thing about change

Sometimes you just want to cry, whatever that means, whatever that would solve, you just want to cry because life is so damn confusing. You know, you could be anyone you wanted to, but then you can’t be everyone. You must be someone. You got all these hidden personality potentials in you and you’re facing a difficult time choosing. Today when you want to be something, everybody thinks you’re something, and the next day when you want to be another thing people just blow up. And then somehow you care, you care because they’re going to think you’re some sort of clown, you’re some sort of confused person. But then you begin to wonder, is it that you’re really confused or that people are just damn slow?

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