Writing could be hard. There are a million ways to write, so which do you chose? Which is more YOU? Which is more your style?

You see, there are a million questions associated with writing. It’s not just that simple. It’s not just punching keys or spilling ink. It’s way more than that.

Writing is like a lifestyle. It’s deep. It’s confusing. It’s somewhat dangerous.

The places you have to go when you write. The battles you have to fight. The mindset. The changes in mindset. It’s simply maddening.


I’ve actually forgotten how to start a post. I mean, when did writing become so hard? I’d be like,

“Say what first comes to mind.”

Then I’d be like, “Nah, that’s bullshit.”

Then I’d just keep regurgitating writing techniques.

I think what we’re most scared of is where the writing is taking us. There are just some places we don’t want to go even in the bid of expressing ourselves. Scary places, maybe, or very uncomfortable places.

But the deal is, you have to embrace a level of discomfort if you’re going to express yourself in any meaningful way.

Dreams don’t come true so easy, you have to work and work and work and work…

and work…

Look, you’re never gonna start if you think about starting. Just say “Fuck it”, and just do it

Your struggle today will be someone’s inspiration tomorrow. Don’t give up.

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