“The first step to changing your life is admitting that YOU are the problem.”

Victor Enesi


No matter what you…

No matter what you go through in life, you’re never alone. Even your problems keep you company.

Let’s talk about life

Life is confusing, and could be even more confusing. 

What does this tell us? It highlights the need for balance in the things that we do. Problems could easily become bigger problems if we’re not careful. 

Imagination is a powerful tool and also a dangerous one, because in the mind there are no limits. This is good for dreams, and bad for problems. Because just as an idea could invade and capture the mind, a problem could too. A small problem could grow to become an unsolvable problem, like a tree growing to become a forest.  

Controlling your thoughts is same as mastering the self. When faced with challenges, It is always important to remind yourself of the facts. 

Balance is key. Be calm, you must learn to be calm. Let the thoughts stop racing. Stop worrying. Stop thinking about tomorrow, there are infinite more tomorrows after tomorrow. 

And most of all, endure. No one has a fix on life, meaning that life is tough whether there is balance or not. Herein comes purpose.

What is the purpose to life? 


Be happy. If what you’re doing isn’t making you happy, then it is not meant for you. Do only what makes you happy. Be only what makes you happy.  

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