Oh sweet sweet sadness
Why art thou bereft
What torments you so
What be-lingers thy sweet face
What putrefies thy goosey skin

Oh sweet sweet she
why art thou sullen
what threatens thy beauty
what ladens thy gaiety
what oscillates thy mood

oh such sweetness
what dampens your soul
what draws at your spirit
where art thy dewiness
where art thy childlikeness

Oh sweet divine
I kneel at thy aura
Have me now, you must
Oh, I’d die if you don’t
Oh sweet sweet sadness


Deep Love

I love her. I swear I do. The kind of love that makes your heart beat abnormally. I love that she doesn’t pretend, that she is continually herself. Each time I think of her, I want her more. I want her essence. I want to travel with her, to take her places she has never been, to show her depths of which she has never dreamed. Oh, how can I love this pearl of the earth? How can I uplift her soul? I want my soul to blend with hers. I want her flame to consume me. How can I love this princess any more than I love her? I want to be caught in the avalanche that is her hair. I want to lose myself in her smile. I want her face to be the last thing I see on this earth. I want to find warmth in her hands.

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Words, spindly things
What do you mean?
Why do you exist?
Why do I read you?
Why are your symbols like that?
Why is r shaped like a walking stick?
Why is O hollow?

I don’t understand you
I don’t know what you mean
All I see are symbols
And more symbols, and more
Why do people use you?

You’re meaningless to me
You’re just too many
Why are you too many?
What do you all mean?
What do you want from me?

Why don’t I understand you?
Why are you alien to me?
Why are you made of symbols?

Why does X cross like that?
Why is D that daring?
Why is V so convenient?
Why is e so eery?
Why is L so lowly?
Why is A so stable?
Why is B so booby?
And C so careless?
Why is f such a failure?
Why is g eggy?
Why does h have a hunch?
Why is i so mysterious?
And j jumpy?
K, so combative
M, so motherly
N, ever so negative
and why is P pally?
Q, an O queried by a stake
Why is S so twisted?
t, always so infantile
U, forever unifying
W, so wanton
Why is Y confused?
Z, Zombified

I don’t understand you
And it’s driving me crazy

I lick the ground
you, I’d catch you
you run, run wild
me, I chase you
chase you round
round and round
the ball, my planet
you run, you run
I’m close, I chase
I keep chasing
you keep running
I’m always close

Kill the Ants!!!

Kill the ants
Kill them all
Siblings, uncles and aunts
By our swords they shall fall

Attack their hives
Bring me their heads
Spare not the live
Bury not the dead

They invade our homes
Steal all our sugar
Incompetent gnomes
Today they shall suffer

Cut their antennas
None shall beg
Kneel their sirs
Bring me their legs

Invade the palace
Get out the King
Imprison their fighters
Today we shall sing

Lets protect our sugar
Slay their mandibles
Shall they harm no longer
Teach them principles

Kill the ants
Kill them all
Siblings, uncles and aunts
By our swords they shall fall


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