And when love…

and when love break you
I’d make you into
what we want to…



Would you say…

Would you say hello
Before you go
So I would know
That you mean so

Do words matter

Do words matter?

construed symbols plated
on cold stone etched in
meaning telling tales of
feelings ripe and faded

Do words matter?

Mama crying, boy singing
pain inscribed in the mind
self expression yearning
for aperture to others’souls

Do words matter?

History fading, worlds warring
people forgetting deeds mistaken
caveman hieroglyphs retarding
from a world without meaning

Do words matter?

Internet’s awaken
words pixelating
people drifting
world ending

Do words matter?

Mind yearning
for meaning beyond meaning
worlds destroying
man’s undertaking

Do words matter?

Symbols adrift
meaning interlaced
Comparison unfound
Senseless sensations

Do words matter?

Writer’s dilemma
warping the mind
in madness storylines
vying for existence

Do words matter?

Spider’s web
slinging minds

Do words matter?

Writer’s pain
raining brain drain
at knife’s tip

Do words matter?

yearning stretching
hands of reason
blessing heads of

Do words matter?

At moment when words
don’t matter then
death shall come for
the brain in the matter

Do words matter?

My pen

My pen bleeds for laden thoughts
My pen bleeds for unanswered questions
My pen bleeds and doesn’t stop
My pen is my word, my mouth, my fingers

My pen doubts itself
My pen doubts its worth
My pen doubts the people around it
My pen doubts its world

My pen wants to write
My pen wants to bite
My pen wants to bleed
My pen wants to need

My pen reminisces
of days when words mattered
days when words filled the sky
days when words soared so high

My pen is hungry
hungry for the blood of reason
My pen is hungry
Hungry for more

My pen won’t stop bleeding
till I bleed out
My pen is mad
clad with secrets of the gods

My pen longs for you
to give it credit
My pen longs for you
to save your soul


Oh sweet sweet sadness
Why art thou bereft
What torments you so
What be-lingers thy sweet face
What putrefies thy goosey skin

Oh sweet sweet she
why art thou sullen
what threatens thy beauty
what ladens thy gaiety
what oscillates thy mood

oh such sweetness
what dampens your soul
what draws at your spirit
where art thy dewiness
where art thy childlikeness

Oh sweet divine
I kneel at thy aura
Have me now, you must
Oh, I’d die if you don’t
Oh sweet sweet sadness

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