Pig$ and Dog$

Some days ago I called an old friend just to catch up, and I asked what he was up to. He told me he was still looking for a job, but he has a business idea. What was the idea? He wanted to go into pig and dog farming. He said he was sure of getting capital from his dad. He told me of the untapped treasures in pig farming and how much a pig is worth.  I already knew about how expensive foreign dog breeds are in Nigeria. I wasn’t sure about the pork market though given all the unfavourable sentiments about pork.

Nonetheless, I set to work. I started researching about pig farming and the things I didn’t know about dog breeding. What I found was engaging; costs, business models, tips and so much more. I was enthusiastic! This could work! I was already thinking of planning a meet with him so we could iron out details. Yes, I had my own business I was running but you never say no to opportunity. I mean, if this guy could produce the startup capital as he said, then with our combined drive the rest is just see through.

Long story cut short, he quit. Yea, called him a day after my research and he told me he was going to scrap the business idea for a masters degree. Well, good riddance. Opportunity, they say, strikes but once. As long as there are more than a billion people on the planet, there are gonna be more than a billion ideas to drive at.


Quote #131

“Some people are so poor, all they have is money.” ~ Patrick Meagher