Your mind is your instrument. Learn to be its master and not its slave. #mindset #mind #inspiration #mindovermatter

Age is in the Mind

Often times youths hear things like, “I’m older than you, which means that you have not seen half of what …

Inside Mark Zuckerberg’s head

Though teenagers are carried away by Snapchat and whatnot, this doesn’t even begin to disturb Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to ‘conquer …

Quote #170

Doing chores is a sure way of getting away from your mind and its crippling effects. 

Quote #126

A writer emerges from a troubled mind.

Quote #114

Obsession is something of the mind. Love is something of the soul.

It doesn’t matter

It doesn’t matter if the food is cold or hot It doesn’t matter if the water’s hot or not time …