Quote #169

“​When I think of the storyteller in me, I think of a superhero.” ~ Victor Enesi


Small Me. Hehehe

I’m sitting on the keyboard. The light from the screen is blasting at my face. I feel so small, like I could just crawl and punch any letter with my spindly hand. I feel like a baby. Wow! The laptop is so big!

How did I get here? Right now I don’t care, it feels so real. Tiny me sitting on a giant laptop. Can I write this way? Crawl and punch, crawl and punch? The space bar is about the length of my arm! I could headbutt the ENTER button and my head will bounce right off. Or maybe I could just meditate, you know, get rid of the excitement and draw it all in.

I could use my tongue to navigate the cursor from the touchpad. It’d be all wet. Or maybe I should just sleep on the platform and dream sweet dreams. Or maybe I should tiptoe to the screen and kiss it. What shall I do with myself?

I am so small and the keyboard is so big. Hehehehe

I lick the ground
you, I’d catch you
you run, run wild
me, I chase you
chase you round
round and round
the ball, my planet
you run, you run
I’m close, I chase
I keep chasing
you keep running
I’m always close


It’s goin’ be me you
And the dance floor
It’s goin’ be me you
What you want more
It’s goin’ be me you
Against the world
It’s goin’ be me you
As our steps unfold

Shout out
Shout out with your moves
Shout out
Let them feel your groove

It’s goin’ be me you
And the dance floor

It’s goin’ be me you
Let our moves explore

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