Facts of life

Before you speak – Listen
Before you spend – Earn
Before you writer – Think
Before you quit – Try
Before you die – Live


Quote #134

“Give. But don’t allow yourself to be used.
Love. But don’t allow your heart to be abused.
Trust. But don’t be naive.
Listen. But don’t lose your own voice.”

To Music

The best music
Is the one
That plays inside
The best music
Is the one
That you can’t hide

Let it roll…
Touch your soul
Mama… hmm…

It wants to feel your body
Bringing you inside me…
Let it roll… over
Touch your soul

Pam pam param
Pam pam param
Pam pam param…

Music to touch your soul
Music to make you whole
Music that’d tell your name
Music that’d tell your fame

Ahn ahn

Muse… irk inside you
Taking you through

Music to blow your mind
Music that will remind
Yea.. yea..
Music to calm your nerves
Music that you will serve
To your self