Coffee might just be saving your life

You’re seated, facing that cup of hot smoldering coffee resting on that saucer. To you, it’s just another hot drink to jolt you up, but research shows that that ordinary cup of coffee may be the thing adding years to your life.




Drinking at least four cups of coffee daily could reduce the risk of death over a 10-year period.

The findings were presented Sunday at the European Society of Cardiology Congress, in Barcelona.

The study involved about 20,000 subjects.



Do you give up? Or do you keep trying?

My team and I have been going through some challenges, and I have been keeping note of how we navigate these challenges day to day. Sometimes it gets so frustrating, but for the same reason we breathe we can’t give up.

Every business venture is met with challenges. What matters most is how we deal with the challenges that beset us. Do you give up? Or do you keep trying?

Do you give up? Or do you keep trying?

Purpose in business

When I was in school I had a DJ friend whom I always admired. When it came to weekend parties, DJ Java was the man. Anyone who wanted to organize a party soon had to come to him. He had the tools, and he made cool money week in week out. I admired his passion and most times questioned myself about it. How can somebody already know what he wants and pursue it with so much zeal? It beat my imagination. Maybe I thought this way because I’m somewhat of a traveler. But this guy knew what he wanted to do and be in life, and he was already doing it while in school and making money as well.

Sometimes I’d think real deep about DJ Java. Did he choose what he wanted to be in life? Or did he just know it? It puzzled me because life has so many options, and I catch myself wondering, how will people just choose one thing out of so many things? How does a Doctor choose his profession and stick to it? How does an Engineer choose his profession? Doesn’t an Engineer imagine himself a Doctor sometimes?

Choosing what business to go into can be a Pandora’s box. Most times life chooses for you, or you just get tired of traveling. The truth is there are so many things you can be in life, but you obviously can’t be everything. So, choose something you’re really passionate about, something that relates with you on a deep level. Maybe you’ve always wanted to open a bar, maybe you’ve always wanted to be a music producer, maybe you’ve always wanted to open a restaurant, or a shopping mall. Think of something you love and build a business around it.

What is your passion, and how do you plan to build a business on it?