22/06/2018 7:26

Good morning, world. Well, it’s morning here in Nigeria and maybe most parts of the world.

It’s a beautiful day. Every day is a beautiful day. Another day to take it all in. Another day to ask the same rhetorical questions that have no apparent answers.

You know, I was just thinking; what a beautiful feeling it will be to live in space. Really, not that Earth is boring or anything, but it would make more meaning to my being to dine among the stars. For me the universe as we know it is my inspiration. Since the beginning of time we humans have always been looking up to the skies, even to the point of worshiping it. What this trait depicts is a yearning for more. A yearning for the beyond. Earth as we know it is just a tiny piece of the puzzle.

I was opportune once to dream of a planet with all the contortions and all, but real close, like real real close. It felt like the planet was showing me its power, its existence, its being. And I was shaken. ‘How freaking huge!’ Planets are gods mehn. It would make more sense to worship a planet than to worship the skies. The latter being a figment of a mother planet’s imagination. Earth is a mother to us. She is big, well, compared to our almost inconsequential size. So next time you step on an unsuspecting ant crawling on the floor because of how easy it is, just remember that you’re like an ant in the desert compared to mother Earth’s size.

Inhabitants of planet Earth, please take a moment to appreciate what you’ve been standing on all your life.

Have an Earth-filled day.


Good morning, peeps

Good morning, guys. I got to say, I so do not understand this WordPress thingy. I mean, these stats are mean. Meany meany stats. I put up some posts and I have a couple of positive views and visitations. I take a break (as you know, writing isn’t rice and beans) and my stats just plummet like the freaking Niagara Falls.

What happened to supporting each other? What happened to brotherly love? What happened to reading Victor’s scribbles not because you’ve read em before but because you love him?

Well, looks like I gotta put a little bit more into this.. thing (almost said shit there hehehe so hard not to say shit *sad face*).

Well, work beckons, and today I feel relatively pumpier than other days. Well, let’s see how it goes. But really you guys gotta show more love for what we do. We write, mehn, we bring meaning to the world. We are programmers of the mind. We are the salt of the Earth. We are… Okay, cut it already, going off course here hahaha.

It’s a beautiful day, and I’m looking for something dumb to do, hey baby, I think I wanna write to you.

Baby, I love you, with my entire being. I love you with the life force of the universe. I love you so much that it’s meaningless to love you more (shut up!! You don’t even have a girlfriend, lover boy)

(Well, that’s because… That’s because… My love is too much for them to handle!!)


Pause. I have been in love before (that’s a starting line to one of the many stories in my head). You know one thing about love? You always wanna feel it over and over again. It’s like a drug.

What it would feel like to taste succulent lips again… (shut up! You’re sharing too much)

(isn’t that the whole point of writing?)

Okay, guys, gotta hop into the bath. So you know what to do. Read, like, reblog, share, just fucking get it out there. Let me put it in poetry for you.

Read, like, reblog, share
just fucking get it out there

Rhyme scheme is AA! Have a blissful day all. love you!