The first Law of Business

I am an introvert, not the bordering type, more like well at the extreme end of the spectrum type. But if you see me these past months, you will bet your  breakfast, lunch and dinner that I’m anything but an introvert. This is what a newly found ambition can do to you, it kind of remolds you from the inside, bringing you out of your comfort zone. This kind of change comes about only when you interact with people with a higher drive than yours.

Approximately six months ago, I met a girl who was to become my girlfriend. Her profile on Facebook was astounding. I mean, for a Nigerian, she was well traveled. She was the founder of a non-profit – Kate Tales Foundation. She was an ambassador to notable international organisations. She had been interviewed by top media houses, amid other incredible things about her profile. I wondered what kind of drive she had, and to think that she was just 22. A while after that, she introduced me to a business idea and showed me the plan, and immediately, I just keyed into the idea which we’re executing right now.

This brings me to my postulate of the first law of business which could also pass for life in general: a person will remain in his/her comfort zone or in the same path of life unless acted upon by a different drive.

We are like forces that influence each other. Comment below, who has influenced you or who have you influenced so far?


1 in 1000 chance

Some days ago, I was in the barbershop cutting my hair, and looking into the mirror a thought hit me, “What are my chances of succeeding?” Just then it occurred to me that that question had only just hit me real hard for the first time. This is because my recent development has infused so much business drive in me that I have little or no time for personal reflection.

But let’s be honest here, what are your chances of executing that business idea you have, and not only executing it, also of it being a complete success? Little to none is what I’d say. This is because starting a business is one of the riskiest things you can ever do in life. There are no assurances. The world as we know it is a crazy place, with millions upon millions of products and services and customers with extremely varied behavioral patterns. So what gives you that confidence that your business idea is going to cut through these enormous factors to become a success?

You have as much chance of succeeding as you do of not falling off while walking for the first time on a tightrope connecting the two tallest buildings in town. You’re most likely going to fall off right? Well, those are the chances you have bringing a business idea to complete execution. Or let’s put it this way, if you were to attempt a thousand business ideas in your lifetime, with equal passion each time, only one will succeed. That is how brutal your chances are.

So what are you gonna do, give up or kick off?

What drives you?

There are different kinds of businessmen in this world, some deal in the virtual world (that’s the internet) while others deal in the more physical world. In fact, you’d be surprised to know the weird kind of businesses people go into. The other day I was watching a movie where a man built his business on selling scrap metal… yea, you read right, scrap metal. I mean, who does that? Who makes money selling scrap metal from bridge and automobile constructions? But hey, someone does. All that scrap metal from all the civilization around us can’t go to waste.

One thing that is common in any kind of business, weird or mainstream, is drive. Something has to wake you up early in the morning and ready to conquer. Something has to persistently disturb you inside to take action. It could be born of a past experience. It could be born of suffering. Every successful person today has this drive. Take JK Rowling as an example, she suffered in abject poverty. I’m sure somewhere inside her she swore to use whatever skill she possessed to liberate herself from such depth.

I don’t know what your story is, but what is that something that gets you up early in the morning and ready to fight?



I’m making some changes to my blog; the theme, pages and so on. I have learnt a lot these past months I’ve been away. I fell in love, and she happened to be a woman with contagious drive. I have learnt a lot from her. And I am still learning more with her. Something was missing in me, a corporate understanding of life. I watched her handle the affairs of her non-profit organisation – Kate Tales Foundation (promotes girl child education, empowerment, and emerging writer’s development). And I learnt from her zeal and professionalism.

Many people have ideas, but they lack execution. And this is because they have a limited understanding of the world around them. And sometimes, all it takes is meeting the right person that will spark that drive in you. We are like forces, human beings, and we affect each other. You might be moving on a path until someone comes along and offsets you. This could be either good or bad.

I plan to share my experiences with you, so stay tuned and keep up with the changes.