French artist erects boy portrait over U.S-Mexico wall

A french artist known as JR has erected a portrait of a baby boy over the U.S-Mexico border wall.


mural of a boy at the US-Mexico border wall. Photograph: Gregory Bull/AP

His work is thought to inspire fresh debates on the immigration issue.

Earlier, Trump had declared to end the DACA program, a program established by the Obama administration to protect immigrant children.


Meet boy with incredible hands

This 12-year-old Indian boy carries at the end of his arms the eight wonder of the world.

Tarik's hands measure 30cm long. Photo: Rare Shot/Barcroft Images

Photo: Rare Shot/Barcroft Images 


Tarik was born with incredibly big hands, so huge that it scares villagers of Uttar Pradesh, India. He has been demonised and refused basic human rights, in fact, He has been refused education for fear that he will freak the other children out.

He is fatherless, and his family can’t afford necessary treatment. Though doctors speculate he might be suffering from elephantiasis.

His belief that one day he will be cured remains unshaken and evident in his own words: “I want to get rid of this condition. I want to become like other kids who go to school every day and play like normal kids. I see a hope that I will get normal hands.”



Tarik's brother (left) takes care of him. Photo: Rare Shot/Barcroft Images

Tarik’s brother (left) takes care of him. Photo: Rare Shot/Barcroft Images 

His brother takes care of him and helps him perform basic tasks such as eating, bathing and even putting on clothes.

His family seeks help and are optimistic that medical science will change his condition for the better.

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Despite his condition, he is optimistic that he'll be cured one day. Photo: Rare Shot/Barcroft Images

His belief that one day he will be cured remains unshaken. Photo: Rare Shot/Barcroft Images 


“Ayo, come back here,” his mother summoned.

“Mummy, mummy, what is that?” Ayo asked, pointing to the far right.

Ayo was taken by a bird in an iron net enclosure. Ayo and his mum were at the University of Ibadan Zoological Garden. The zoo had all sorts of fascinating animals, and four-year-old Ayo was getting fond of seeing them almost every weekend.

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Bad Boy

“Mummy, tell Uchena to pick his baggy jeans from the floor o!” Chidimma would yell as her eyes met the old linoleum. The tiles had always been objects of hominess for her, a reminder that she still lived in the same house.

“Chidimma, calm down and stop yelling. Uchenna, go and pick up the clothes.” Their mother would say, and Uchenna would totally ignore her and life will go on as usual.

That had been their routine for the past two weeks since school closed. Chidimma didn’t do much. She’d sit on the long couch and read novel after novel, and then clean up after her brother. The former seemed to bring her tranquility and the later, drove her mad. Uchena was very stubborn, and Chidinma thought that it was time to teach him a lesson. If their mother wasn’t going to do anything, she was.

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