5 Reasons Why You’re Feeling Tired Lately

Have you ever been in a state of mind where almost nothing interests you? You feel like you’re tired, nothing too cynical, but you just feel tired of everything.

There are a number of things that could cause you to feel tired, some of these reasons are:

1. Lack of sleep

This is the number one proponent of tiredness or fatigue.

Could be caused by poor sleep hygiene, insomnia, or other brain related disorders like sleep apnea.

If it helps, I too do not sleep so early. I spend most of my nights thinking. Yea, I have a somewhat hyperactive mind.

You can over this cause of tiredness by meditation, which is an effective way of calming your nerves.

2. Heavy eating

Have you ever felt sleepy after a heavy meal? It happens like all the time, right?

So don’t be surprised when you suddenly feel tired after a large meal, because you use a lot of energy in breaking down food.

Just keep in mind that a heavy meal can cause you to feel suddenly tired.

Solution to this cause is to eat as little as you can so you still have some excitement left in you after meal.

3. Jet Lag

Are you the type that travels all the time?

Then don’t be surprised if you have prolonged feeling of tiredness.

Jet lag is caused by time zone differences that mess with your sleep cycle, and this could cause you to feel tired.

To overcome this, make sure you have adequate rest after each trip.

4. Anxiety disorder

Are you the kind that worries too much?

Then you’re bound to get tired of worrying, and it’s going to tell on you, physically.

Meditation could help you worry less. Don’t take it for granted.

5. Ageing

This cause is inevitable. In fact, it’s pointless fighting it.

Ageing is entropy, a universal process. Things get disorderly with time and that disorder has repercussions.

There’s no cure to this cause of tiredness (yet), but there are preventive measures, like doing less physical work as you age.

Thanks for reading, friends. Share this post if it helps, and stay tuned for more insights on every day experiences.


The thing with likes

Likes aren’t easy to come by. You could do a lot of writing for a long while and get little more than scraps of reactions. It hurts when this happens, because on many levels we all want to be acknowledged, we all want to be liked.

Some creative writers might try to pretend that likes don’t really matter and that what matters is expressing yourself truthfully and adequately. But deep down we know that’s not exactly true.

We are social beings that get a chemical hit of encouragement anytime we or our work is being liked. That’s the way our brain works, it shoots itself with some dopamine to tell us that what we are doing is dope.

Personally, I don’t feel good when what I write isn’t like so much. In fact, I’m thinking day and night how my writeups here would get liked by hundreds and thousands of people. I bet everyone with a blog or site is thinking about this.

It’s not easy though, for your work to get the attention you think it deserves. You have to work out your strategy. And you also have to be consistent in what you do, and persistent too. Simply put, you have to not give up.

Improving the environment in Nigeria: my groundbreaking plan

Each time I see a fellow Nigerian throw a biscuit wrap, an emptied plastic bottle, banana peels, or corncobs out of a moving car or while trekking on the sidewalks, my heart breaks, literally. The ease at which Nigerians litter the public with consumed products is an attitude that should be checked.

I have a belief that every trash on the road has a story. The icecream sachet by the curb was thrown by a careless Nigerian in a commuter bus after consumption, and was made to travel long distances by winds generated by speedy cars. This icecream sachet by the curb is very close to a drainage inlet, and with a little push it gets into the drains to join thousands of its brothers.

In Nigeria, we see all too often the havoc trash-choked drainages cause. When heavy rain falls, the drainage gets full because the system is choked with trash. In the Island region of Lagos, for example, flooding is observed every so often because the drains are chocked up.

The problem isn’t more so the drainage designs than it is the attitude Nigerians have with trash. Although some ingenious social enterprises in Nigeria that recycle waste have sprung up, like Wecyclers and RecyclePoints amid others, the core problem is still left unsolved.

Nigerians are not aware of what littering does to the environment. That is why Nigerians carelessly throw trash out their cars and houses. There is also this myopic mentality of ‘my biscuit wrap or plastic bottle is just one trash and how much damage can one trash cause?’.

To help solve this problem, what I will do, what anyone passionate about improving the environment can do is partner with LAWMA (Lagos State Waste Management Authority) and the Federal Government on an aggressive Awareness Campaign against littering. The public must be educated on the environmental hazards littering cause.

I will work with graphic designers who will design creative stickers and posters that will be pasted everywhere as not enough are out there. I will partner with TV stations, radio stations, and newspapers to run soul-searching anti-littering awareness campaigns. It is not enough to just write ‘PLEASE DO NOT LITTER’ as this message has become rather cliché. I and my social network of creative writers will come together to piece words that pierce the heart of Nigerians in hope that the Nigerian will think twice before throwing trash out of vehicles and houses.

Purpose in business

When I was in school I had a DJ friend whom I always admired. When it came to weekend parties, DJ Java was the man. Anyone who wanted to organize a party soon had to come to him. He had the tools, and he made cool money week in week out. I admired his passion and most times questioned myself about it. How can somebody already know what he wants and pursue it with so much zeal? It beat my imagination. Maybe I thought this way because I’m somewhat of a traveler. But this guy knew what he wanted to do and be in life, and he was already doing it while in school and making money as well.

Sometimes I’d think real deep about DJ Java. Did he choose what he wanted to be in life? Or did he just know it? It puzzled me because life has so many options, and I catch myself wondering, how will people just choose one thing out of so many things? How does a Doctor choose his profession and stick to it? How does an Engineer choose his profession? Doesn’t an Engineer imagine himself a Doctor sometimes?

Choosing what business to go into can be a Pandora’s box. Most times life chooses for you, or you just get tired of traveling. The truth is there are so many things you can be in life, but you obviously can’t be everything. So, choose something you’re really passionate about, something that relates with you on a deep level. Maybe you’ve always wanted to open a bar, maybe you’ve always wanted to be a music producer, maybe you’ve always wanted to open a restaurant, or a shopping mall. Think of something you love and build a business around it.

What is your passion, and how do you plan to build a business on it?


Diplomacy: the downside

I always pride myself on being dynamically diplomatic, on being ruthlessly neutral on most issues. Meaning that no matter how tight the argument is, I can always put myself in the shoes of everyone; in a way trying to please everyone. This is a problem.

Being diplomatic isn’t particularly a bad thing, but in our world today it somewhat places you at a disadvantage. You are seen as WEAK and easily prodded by the arrogant. People are generally arrogant; taking sides and sticking rigidly to them. The diplomat must perfect the skill of neutrality. But in today’s world, neutrality = weakness.

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