I enjoy writing on WordPress. I feel it’s got realer people

You’re a writer or you write sometimes. You must have battled with where to write at one point or another. You have accounts everywhere; Medium, WordPress, Quora, Tumblr. But which one is the best platform for you?

I enjoy writing on WordPress. I feel it’s got realer people, people who see the effort in creativity. I was active on Tumblr a while back in the school days, but I kinda got jaded with the never-ending posts and all, and also, Tumblr has to do with a lot of gifs. I don’t even know what’s up with Tumblr right now, I think I saw somewhere online it’s about to be sold by…

Though Facebook isn’t open-source, I used to post a lot on there, but they are a million times meaner that Blogging platforms. I could post something really detailed and get about a dozen likes. And you can’t even see it on any search engine. So yea, fuck Facebook sucks.

I’m not on Medium right now, I don’t even know what it’s like. Medium… sounds moderate.

There are a lot of these platforms popping up everywhere like popcorn.

“Are you on Pinterest? Are you on Instagram? Quora is a good place to get readers…”

Dude! Cut me some slack. So I should be everywhere on the internet because I want to write.

Sometimes I even feel exposing yourself on the internet isn’t such a good idea. I think of Googling my name Victor Enesi and I’m caught with fear. Who knows what I’m going to see? Lol.

What if I’m at an interview and the interviewer is like “Let’s look him up online, let’s see what he’s about.” And they check me up and see all these conflicting texts. *Facepalm*

Thanks for reading, beautiful people. Without you the internet wouldn’t make much sense. It would just be a bunch of cooled hard drives marking 1s and 0s.



Hello everyone. Today is a wonderful day, as every other day almost is. It’s a good day to smile. Most often than not, we hardly smile. Maybe it’s some bad news, some bad country news, relationship issues, work issues… there’s always one issue or the other that steals our smiles from us.

The question is; how do we get our smile back?

The fastest and easiest way to get your smile back is to smile. Sounds easy-peasy, right? And yet it’s the hardest to do! I dare you, right where your are, at this very moment, to smile. For no just reason, smile. Widen those lips to the point that your teeth are exposed. Stay like that for ten seconds. How do you feel now?

Smiles are contagious.

Let’s investigate what it is about smiling that makes us feel good. According to popular research, when you smile, that squeeze at the tail end of your lips sends a signal to your brain, activating the reward center of your brain which in turn spikes up the happy hormones. So as you can see, smiles are all happy. But there are some rare smiles that mask sadness and sometimes depression. There are, of course, scientific ways to differentiate fake smiles from real smiles. But the whole idea of smiling is to generate happiness. And guess what? Smiles are contagious!

Aren’t we lucky that we can trick ourselves to be happy? How many times have you smiled today?