Europe’s silent war with terrorism

The attacks on Europe dating from the beginning of 2015 to date are evident of a silent war going on within the continent. The war might not involve missiles and armored tanks, but that makes it even more dangerous.


Dozens_of_mourning_people_captured_during_civil_service_in_remembrance_of_November_2015_Paris_attacks_victims._Western_Europe_France_Paris_place_de_la_République_November_15_2015 (1)


Remember the Charlie Hebdo attack of January 2015 where two brothers, Saïd and Chérif Kouachi, forced their way with assault rifles into the offices of the French newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, in Paris. They killed 12 people that day.

In Nov 2015 (same year), Paris was attacked again by extremists in a series of coordinated attacks. Three suicide bombers struck outside the French national stadium (Stade de France) followed by shootings at cafes and restaurants. 130 people died that day.

In March 2016, the Belgium Brussels bombing claimed 35 lives.

In July 2016, the Nice truck attack claimed 86 lives. A certain Mohammed Bouhlel, Tunisian resident in France, was the driver of the truck.

May 2017, a British Muslim, Salma Ramadan Abedi, detonated a bomb at the exit of the Manchester arena after a musical concert. 23 people died that day, adults and children.

The Barcelona van attack of August 2017 killed 14 people.

Europe is at war, but the war is not the one we see in movies, it’s war against terrorism. It’s a silent war, silent because the suspects are like needles in a haystack that covers even more needles.

Over the past two years, Europe has taken in millions of displaced Muslims. This is also a factor because you don’t know which Muslim is an extremist. And you can’t say Europe shouldn’t take in Muslims because besides religion we are all human beings and we must help each other in time of need.

So what can Europe do since Muslims can’t possibly be sent away? What Europe can do is come up with more ingenious ways to fish out these terrorists and potential terrorists.

Potential terrorists pose an even bigger problem than known terrorists, because fighting potentiality leads to paranoia. Europe wants to maintain a healthy level of sanity while fighting terrorism.

This is the worst war ever, worst because it’s killing Europe from within, just like cancer.




How will Dembele perform at Barca?

Sports news is circulating around no one but Moussa Dembele.
Barcelona’s €105 million staggering bid for the Borussia Dortmund (former) player has been accepted, but this fee could increase to €147 million due to bonuses.
This is the second most expensive transfer in football history, coming second to no other but Neymar’s astronomical €222 million bid that saw him leave Barcelona for PSG.
Neymar’s departure kinda left a gap in Barcelona’s tactical plan, and the club has been in the market for an equally good replacement. They dipped their hand in the bag for Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho but were rejected.
So now that they have their replacement, the question is; how will Dembele fare at Barcelona?
I have watched some videos of his performance on YouTube, and I think he levels up to his Barca predecessor. I’m not just saying this because I’m a Barca fan, but you can YouTube him up and see what I’m saying.
His touch on the ball is excellent, his dribbling is masterclass, his pace… Oh My God! He’s incredibly fast, explosive I’d say.
If you ask me, I think Barca have their man, he’s an excellent capture for the club, and he’d surely relish playing alongside Messi.

Football and its shady deals

I knew it, I just knew that something wasn’t right about Neymar’s €222m record-breaking deal that snatched him from Barcelona to PSG.


Neymar joins PSG for a record-breaking €222m

Now FC Barcelona are suing Neymar to court, asking for €8.5m for contract breach.

What kind of contract breach?

Prior to the lawsuit, Neymar made some heartfelt statements about his former club.

And what were his statements? Read below

“There are people in charge that shouldn’t be there,” Neymar told reporters.

“Barca deserve much more and everyone knows that.”

Definitely these statements were bound to hurt Barcelona’s Board, and they’ve rightfully come for him in turn.

However the rally goes, what is known is that there is clear unsettlement at FC Barcelona. I’m guessing Neymar is speaking on behalf of his former teammates, airing their pains for them.

Running a football club is no easy task, but one thing is not negotiable, which is the happiness of the players. Every manager knows this, every Board knows this.

All said and done, I hope the issue is resolved quickly, because such unneeded media attention could affect the performance of the players.

Julia the Catwoman?


PC: Getty

Three lives, six more to go. Julia Monaco was right at the epicenter of the London, Paris, and now the Barcelona attack. Let’s observe a minute of silence for the casualties…

Now back to Julia, how could she possibly survive 3 catastrophic events? And how come she was there at all these different times? These are the kind of things we watch in movies, where a character like Julia ends up being and undercover agent or something, or we find out that she’s linked to the attacks somehow.

It happens that she was shopping in Las Ramblas when the white Fiat van literally ran over a crowd, killing 13 and injuring many others.

In her words, “In a split second it became absolute pandemonium.”

I can only imagine; the screams, the running for safety, sheer panic. No one deserves to go through these horrible attacks. I mean, we come across vehicles every day, but then little do we think that they are actually weapons. Anyone could use a car to clear a crowd. We saw this happen in Berlin, Germany, where a truck deliberately drove into people killing 12 and injuring others.

We really need to be careful out there because most of the every-day objects we use could actually be weapons in a terror attack.

As for Julia, well, what can I say… be careful.