Quote #168

“Art requires confidence even in vulnerability.” ~ Tj Benson


Quote #101

Music charges your empathy, everything around you suddenly makes sense.

This happens to everyone, I’m sure. You’re listening to your favourite song and suddenly you’re in synch with everything. Everything makes sense while you’re listening that that song. This is the power of music.

Quote #100

Music creates perception, makes you see the world in a whole different angle.

Have you ever realised that once you put that earpiece on and play your favourite song, that everything changes? You begin to see things that were originally not there, perspectives, different angles of seeing the world, vision. This is the power of music, it gives you a whole different angle on the world around you.

Deep Love

I love her. I swear I do. The kind of love that makes your heart beat abnormally. I love that she doesn’t pretend, that she is continually herself. Each time I think of her, I want her more. I want her essence. I want to travel with her, to take her places she has never been, to show her depths of which she has never dreamed. Oh, how can I love this pearl of the earth? How can I uplift her soul? I want my soul to blend with hers. I want her flame to consume me. How can I love this princess any more than I love her? I want to be caught in the avalanche that is her hair. I want to lose myself in her smile. I want her face to be the last thing I see on this earth. I want to find warmth in her hands.

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