I like to discover blogs. I like to read and search for interesting blogs. Anytime I happen on someone’s blog, I’m half hoping it’d be interesting.

Today I searched on writing, and I got a plethora of results; posts and sites alike. They interestingly had so many likes. And I thought, people are really psyched about writing; the art of writing itself. Everybody wants to talk about it, everybody has an angle, a perspective.

One post caught my eye, by Mae Clair, Story Empire. She talked about the writing gene and whether it could be inherited. She talked about the Bronte sisters. She talked about the brothers, Alex and Evelyn Waugh. She talked about Steven King, his sons, Joe Hill and Owen King, and his wife, Tabitha.

I think that writing is not a gene thing. It is just an expression thing. The human brain is monkey see monkey do kind of organ. We learn by what we see, listen and feel. We learn through our senses.

I had a brother that wrote a lot, his name was Leo. He’s late, but let’s not go into the nitty gritty of it all. God bless his soul. Leo opened me to a whole new world. He was a poet, he was a writer, he was a thinker, he was a curious mind. And it hurts why he went at such an early age of 18. It didn’t make sense to me, and it still doesn’t make sense to me now. Why do people even die? Must people die?

Anyway, he taught me to type fast, and it’s helping me a lot. He installed the Mavis Beacon Typing Tutor software on our Windows 95 desktop that dad brought from India and created profiles for us all. Each time I type, like now, I just remember him, the memories come trickling back. I’ve always had this innate curiosity in me, so I really wanted to learn how to type so fast like the guys in the movies. I started with the letters and I moved to the punctuations and then numbers.

My point is, there is an element of curiosity in every human being, and one person’s expression could rub off on another person. So, writing is not a gene thing, it’s just a human thing. Everybody is curious, everybody asks why on some level, maybe different levels, some more pronounced than others.

Yea, so that’s it, writing is just an expression stuff, not a gene or a blood stuff.


Thursday, 18, July. 20:33

I am hopeful for the day, I’m out at work, and today my mind is just going around doing things differently.

What does it mean to do things differently? What does it mean to be a different version of yourself? What does it mean to think outside the box? Aren’t you tired of the routine? Aren’t you tired of being predictable?

I think we should all strive to be something different each day. We should all strive to do the usual things somewhat differently each day. When you do your routine stuff differently each day, it sheds new light on your life. It illuminates possibilities.

Let’s say each day you wake up you brush your teeth, then you take a bath and that’s how it has always been, but why don’t you take a bath before brushing your teeth? It doesn’t sound logical right? But that’s the thing, being different doesn’t necessarily have to be logical.

Say you go out jogging every morning, you have a specific road or Street you jog along. Why not take the other Street that you’ve never jogged on? you know, for change. Doing things differently doesn’t have to be logical, it just has to shed a light of possibilities on your life.

Shout for no reason. Dance for no reason. Be different.

Writing could be hard. There are a million ways to write, so which do you chose? Which is more YOU? Which is more your style?

You see, there are a million questions associated with writing. It’s not just that simple. It’s not just punching keys or spilling ink. It’s way more than that.

Writing is like a lifestyle. It’s deep. It’s confusing. It’s somewhat dangerous.

The places you have to go when you write. The battles you have to fight. The mindset. The changes in mindset. It’s simply maddening.

I’ve actually forgotten how to start a post. I mean, when did writing become so hard? I’d be like,

“Say what first comes to mind.”

Then I’d be like, “Nah, that’s bullshit.”

Then I’d just keep regurgitating writing techniques.

I think what we’re most scared of is where the writing is taking us. There are just some places we don’t want to go even in the bid of expressing ourselves. Scary places, maybe, or very uncomfortable places.

But the deal is, you have to embrace a level of discomfort if you’re going to express yourself in any meaningful way.