Dancing with the Devil on Coke

Beautiful piece this one.

Malice in Wonderland

I was 22 when I first began my love affair with coke. I still remember the highs cocaine would give me: thoughts of grandeur consumed my mind, Inhibitions waned, and conversations always seemed so much better with strangers. The days and nights spent skiing through the cocaine slopes were boundless and intense. I suddenly became the person I always wanted to be but didn’t have the courage in my sober state.

That year, newly single, and recently fucking some guy named Jared who was straight out of rehab for a coke addiction. He decidedly made the mistake of introducing me to his somewhat so called best friend Danny. Danny was short, 5”6 to be exact, blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, gap toothed, and a modern day apothecary. I remember first meeting Danny thinking “oh he’s cute” and then he opened his mouth, eviscerating all levels of attraction with his voice…

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The Suspicious Boyfriend

“What the fuck is this?” He said, flinging his hands around.

“You have to calm down now. You really have to calm down.” She replied.

“I have to calm down? After what I caught you doing I have to calm down?”

“And what is it that you caught me doing?”

“You were sleeping with your fucking boss! Damn!”

“You’re out of your mind,” she replied. “Now get out of my way before I push you.”

“Okay, hold on a minute. I saw your boss downstairs, he was obviously coming from the room or something. He was fucking smiling when he saw me. Now I’m in the room and your panties is on the floor and your blouse is on the floor. Tell me, babe, what should I think?”

“I pulled them off for you, idiot. I don’t even know why I try.”

“Babe, hold on. Babe… babe! You storming out naked.”

© Victor Enesi

“Online”: the most abused word of the 21st century

I was just thinking of something. Did you know that the word “online” is the most abused word of the 21st century?

Okay, let me put it this way. How many times have you mentioned the word “online” in the past month?

You might be thinking, “Uh, not much.” And I’d tell you that you don’t have to use a word a billion times for it to be abused. And by the way, the word “online” is actually being used a billion times as we speak.

Since the advent of the internet in the 1980s, the whole world has appeared to make a shift to the “online”. Now you send messages online, apply for jobs online, build offices and houses online, in fact, you can date and marry online now.

What’s the point of this?

Isn’t it evident how we are gradually sending reality (humanity) offline? Such that the humans that make the internet we’re so obsessed with don’t matter anymore.

If you doubt that, then riddle me this: who is the inventor of the world wide web?

Of course you might don’t know.

His name is Tim Berners Lee. Doesn’t ring a bell, right? That’s kinda like the point of this conversation.

Tim Berners Lee

Human beings are the ones reading your messages, don’t forget that. Your text would mean nothing if a human being isn’t at the other end to feel it.

A human being is the one that typed this post you’re reading. Don’t forget.

Thanks for reading, friends. It’s always a pleasure when you guys like or share my posts. Let’s always remember the humans behind the signals.

I enjoy writing on WordPress. I feel it’s got realer people

You’re a writer or you write sometimes. You must have battled with where to write at one point or another. You have accounts everywhere; Medium, WordPress, Quora, Tumblr. But which one is the best platform for you?

I enjoy writing on WordPress. I feel it’s got realer people, people who see the effort in creativity. I was active on Tumblr a while back in the school days, but I kinda got jaded with the never-ending posts and all, and also, Tumblr has to do with a lot of gifs. I don’t even know what’s up with Tumblr right now, I think I saw somewhere online it’s about to be sold by…

Though Facebook isn’t open-source, I used to post a lot on there, but they are a million times meaner that Blogging platforms. I could post something really detailed and get about a dozen likes. And you can’t even see it on any search engine. So yea, fuck Facebook sucks.

I’m not on Medium right now, I don’t even know what it’s like. Medium… sounds moderate.

There are a lot of these platforms popping up everywhere like popcorn.

“Are you on Pinterest? Are you on Instagram? Quora is a good place to get readers…”

Dude! Cut me some slack. So I should be everywhere on the internet because I want to write.

Sometimes I even feel exposing yourself on the internet isn’t such a good idea. I think of Googling my name Victor Enesi and I’m caught with fear. Who knows what I’m going to see? Lol.

What if I’m at an interview and the interviewer is like “Let’s look him up online, let’s see what he’s about.” And they check me up and see all these conflicting texts. *Facepalm*

Thanks for reading, beautiful people. Without you the internet wouldn’t make much sense. It would just be a bunch of cooled hard drives marking 1s and 0s.

Why do you write?

I asked this question in my previous post; why do we write? These days it is the most obvious questions that elude us the most.

Have you ever sat down to really ask yourself why you write? That’s if you write. Or I want to ask you now, do you write? And if you do, why do you?

I did some searching on the internet concerning this question, and I found out that people mostly write because they can’t not write. Doesn’t make sense, right? I mean, how can’t you can’t not write? Lol.


Seriously, people write because they are compelled to write. It’s like a spell for them, waking them up in the dead of night to go write on tree barks that bleed and anyone who drinks of the tree blood will be infected with the writer’s curse.

Okay, seriously, writing is an art. It is a way to express yourself. Writing is not just about stories, there are people who write computer programs, religious books, amid others. Or let me put it this way, storytelling is an art. And so is programming too. Anywho, point remains that writing takes some skill, imagination, creativity.

But the most important question is — why do do write on WordPress? Or what are the places to write on the goddamn internet?

I feel where you write is as important as writing itself. Are you rewarded for taking your time to write something that many people read? Or is it just a compulsion for compulsion sake?

Thanks for reading, friends. I always try to ask the difficult questions and find answers to them. Stay tuned for more insightful writeups.