Thursday, 18, July 23:05

I’m outside. The air feels a bit cool. I see a few faces, I also see a tanker driving by accosted by a patient car. I’m faking making a phone call when actually I’m recording this post.

I’m walking on a curved road on the sidewalk. I see coconut trees. A car is approaching, its headlights too bright to make out its model. There are streetlights as high as coconut trees. I see cell towers stretching into the night sky.

Have you noticed that when you place your phone to your ears, people just assume you’re making a phone call? But that’s not always the case. I mean, my phone has been at my ear and I’m not really making a phone call or anything, but I bet everyone that has walked past me thinks I am, when actually I’m just recording a post. *giggles*

One common challenge most writers need to overcome is shyness; your perception of what people think of you.

Really, I put the phone to my ear just not to draw attention. I really believe in speaking. I believe that’s the true strength of your writing, that’s your voice. Writing is just a technique to put down your voice; symbols and hieroglyphs.

Writers try so hard to look “normal”, when actually there’s nothing normal per se.

One common challenge most writers need to overcome is shyness; your perception of what people think of you. Imagine all the stress I have to go through putting my phone to my ear and I’m without my earpiece. Even if I was with my earpiece, I still would have a reservation talking out to the air (mic). People actually think you’re mad when you just talk out without a phone on your ear. Even when you have the headset on, people will still pay you a second glance, like “Oh, okay, this dude is well.” Hahahahaha!

Writers try so hard to look “normal”, when actually there’s nothing normal per se. We go through all that stress to appear normal, to not draw attention. Well, it’s understandable, because when people look at you too much, it’s a kind of distraction to your creative flow. That’s why most times you just lock yourself in a room and you write and write and write, because that’s where no one else is but you. That’s where your creative juices really stir up.


Face with a body

Cos I’m just a face with a body
I’m just trying to be the best me
Cos I’m just a face with a body
I’m just trying to be the best I can be

Cos I’m just a… face…
with a body
Cos I’m just a… trace…
not so ugly
Cos I’m just a… maze…
in a body
Cos I’m just a… crazy somebody.


So I’m here wondering if the audio recorder that I download is really legit, just testing it. Funny enough, the app’s name is Audio Recorder. I mean, an audio recording app named audio recorder. Hahahaha! That’s funny right?

I’m lying down, relaxing, doing nothing much, just thinking, loving, heart-beating, feeling, dreaming, all at once. It’s fun, isn’t it?

So what’s up, guys? What you guys up to? What’s new in this our mundane world? What’s different? What’s hopeful? What’s inspiration?

Thursday, 18, July. 20:33

I am hopeful for the day, I’m out at work, and today my mind is just going around doing things differently.

What does it mean to do things differently? What does it mean to be a different version of yourself? What does it mean to think outside the box? Aren’t you tired of the routine? Aren’t you tired of being predictable?

I think we should all strive to be something different each day. We should all strive to do the usual things somewhat differently each day. When you do your routine stuff differently each day, it sheds new light on your life. It illuminates possibilities.

Let’s say each day you wake up you brush your teeth, then you take a bath and that’s how it has always been, but why don’t you take a bath before brushing your teeth? It doesn’t sound logical right? But that’s the thing, being different doesn’t necessarily have to be logical.

Say you go out jogging every morning, you have a specific road or Street you jog along. Why not take the other Street that you’ve never jogged on? you know, for change. Doing things differently doesn’t have to be logical, it just has to shed a light of possibilities on your life.

Shout for no reason. Dance for no reason. Be different.

Wednesday, 17, July. 22:38

Hello guys, what’s up? I don’t really know what I’m going to write so I’m just going to pour it out there.

Did you guys know that easier dictating the words than actually typing them? Yeah, I mean, it’s super easy to dictate as opposed to punching keys, because actually when you punch keys ideas leave you because punching keys take time and thoughts just swim in and swim out, so what time do you have to gather all those thoughts? I mean think about it it’s easy just dictating your post it’s a very good technique as opposed to typing.

Did you know that I literally dictated this post, like this very post?

I’m not even going to lie, the literature comes out differently when you dictate than when you type because when you type you’re careful about your sentence, the context, but when you dictate, you just talk freely but with a lot of “you know” and “I mean” and “yeah”.

The only downside to dictating is you have to go back and add punctuation and it could be lots of stress, you know, trying to decipher this part of the paragraph from that part. But I mean, it’s a win-win because you get your ideas out there as fast as your mouth could talk you know just that you have to go back and do the hard work putting in the commas and dots and whatnot.

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