What is a life well spent?

A grandfather dies. A baby dies. Such is the irony of life. Which moves me to ask, what is a life well spent?

What is a life well spent?

Why should some come into this life and spend decades while others come and spend hours or weeks at most? Does living longer insinuate a fruitful life?

…the pinnacle of our existence lies in our ability to survive.

For now life is all we know and have, and it appears we are always trying to live more of it in terms of time. In fact, the pinnacle of our existence lies in our ability to survive. Down to the minutest creature on Earth, survival is the codeword.

But I ask again; what is a life well spent?

Some people tend to answer this question by taking risks, chasing their dreams, traveling, and so on, while others answer this question by being famous, rich or influential. If the latter is the case then, Pablo Picasso, Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs, Leonardo da Vinci, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos either lived or are living fruitful lives.

Life is about time and what we do with it.

A deeper look at life and you’d see that life isn’t about how much we achieve in our time on Earth. Life is about time and what we do with it. Someone might not have all those decades to build an empire, but just enough time to touch some lives. We are all wired differently. Some people believe in making money upon money upon money, while some others are more socially inclined toward helping people live better lives. And a few others with a bit of both. The stressor here being ‘helping people live better lives’.

In your quest for purpose, are you helping people live better lives?


Hope is all we have

I read a post titled Ask the Question. Ask the Direct Question by jennymaire4 where she talked about suicide and how to tackle it. I was pushed to ask a question in the comments; Jenny, what do you think instigates suicide? Her reply was thus; Wow, that’s a difficult question. I think it’s different for everyone, and I don’t want to speak for anyone. Getting to a deep, intense, dark depression and feeling completely hopeless.

I resonated with the word ‘hopeless’. You see, hope is all we’ve got in a bleak existence; hope of some afterlife, hope of things getting better, hope of answers to existential questions. Hope is all we have. Take that away from the human being and you’re left with a bag of bones.

Hope is all we have. Take that away from the human being and you’re left with a bag of bones.

About a year ago, a medical doctor in Nigeria suddenly parked his car on the Third Mainland bridge in Lagos, climbed the railings, and jumped into the lagoon. His body was later found after a couple of days. I remember upon hearing this news, I thought, ‘What would make someone park a car on a bridge and jump off the bridge into an obviously scary body of water?’ And I couldn’t find any answers!

Hope is all we have

What makes people commit suicide? What makes the human being want to take his/her own life? We could spin theories all around the place; maybe a terminal illness, maybe a violent threat on life, maybe chronic depression, just name it. But all these cases lead to a single evidence; hopelessness.

Hopelessness is like a dark cloud that fills one’s universe such that there is no point in existing anymore. In contrast, hope is that one thing, that one thread that literally keeps you alive. Without that silver lining, we fall, deep into an abyss we’ve always feared; hopelessness.

There are some days I battle with my existence, I guess this is quite normal for the average human being. And I kind of observe myself down the emotional blackhole. One thing I have come to observe is that no matter how low I get (and trust me, I have gotten as low as low could get) there always seems to be that last drop of hope that springs me back to life like magic; be it some random thought, maybe a change in mindset, something inconsequential.

Sometimes I feel hope is that thing that God or evolution uses to prod us along, just the way a lioness prods her trailing cubs. There is even a passage in the bible that sticks in reference to hope where the rich man looked up to Abraham and cried, “Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that he may dip the tip of his finger in water, and cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame.” Just the way water soothes our thirst, that’s the same way hope obliterates depression.

Give someone some hope today, compliment them, smile at them, shake their hands, show them that you care. Drop some hope on the world today.

22/06/2018 7:26

Good morning, world. Well, it’s morning here in Nigeria and maybe most parts of the world.

It’s a beautiful day. Every day is a beautiful day. Another day to take it all in. Another day to ask the same rhetorical questions that have no apparent answers.

You know, I was just thinking; what a beautiful feeling it will be to live in space. Really, not that Earth is boring or anything, but it would make more meaning to my being to dine among the stars. For me the universe as we know it is my inspiration. Since the beginning of time we humans have always been looking up to the skies, even to the point of worshiping it. What this trait depicts is a yearning for more. A yearning for the beyond. Earth as we know it is just a tiny piece of the puzzle.

I was opportune once to dream of a planet with all the contortions and all, but real close, like real real close. It felt like the planet was showing me its power, its existence, its being. And I was shaken. ‘How freaking huge!’ Planets are gods mehn. It would make more sense to worship a planet than to worship the skies. The latter being a figment of a mother planet’s imagination. Earth is a mother to us. She is big, well, compared to our almost inconsequential size. So next time you step on an unsuspecting ant crawling on the floor because of how easy it is, just remember that you’re like an ant in the desert compared to mother Earth’s size.

Inhabitants of planet Earth, please take a moment to appreciate what you’ve been standing on all your life.

Have an Earth-filled day.

“Love that holds back is slavery”

Hi everyone. Let’s talk about love and all its many faces. Let’s talk about heartbreak. Let’s talk about unrequited love. Let’s talk about fake people. Let’s talk about pretenders.

Have you ever loved? Have you ever loved deeply? Have you ever not been able to love the way you’ve been loved? Have you ever felt incapable of loving? What did you do? Did you try? Did you counsel yourself?

The reason why I decided to raise this topic is because of the sheer number of mentally incapable people in the world today. Love as we know it is like 80% mind 20% body. And you’d be surprised how many people are mentally and physically  lazy to love in the world today. People are losing creativity by the second, hiding under the rigid guise of religion and tradition. Some people even get scared when they’re being loved deeply and laudably.

Please please please and please, if you love someone let them know. Let them know every second of every day. Don’t hold back because you don’t want to appear overbearing or weak. Love that holds back is not love at all. Love that holds back is slavery. You’re not in control when you love, love controls you. If you seek control in love then you have lost the whole point.

If you love someone, talk to them. Please talk to them. I have seen many cases where lovers go mute. Love shouldn’t shut you up. Love is silent but loud. You must keep reminding your loved ones how much you love them. There is no negotiating this. Write them a crappy poem. Tell them silly things. Say something, even if it’s stupid just say it. “Okay” and “Ok” won’t cut it. Instead of one-word replies, try to form a sentence. Words are all we have, and if love doesn’t bring them out of you nothing else will.

Love naughtily. Love unrestrained. Love passionately. Love universally.

Have a lovely day!