Dancing with the Devil on Coke

Beautiful piece this one.

Malice in Wonderland

I was 22 when I first began my love affair with coke. I still remember the highs cocaine would give me: thoughts of grandeur consumed my mind, Inhibitions waned, and conversations always seemed so much better with strangers. The days and nights spent skiing through the cocaine slopes were boundless and intense. I suddenly became the person I always wanted to be but didn’t have the courage in my sober state.

That year, newly single, and recently fucking some guy named Jared who was straight out of rehab for a coke addiction. He decidedly made the mistake of introducing me to his somewhat so called best friend Danny. Danny was short, 5”6 to be exact, blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, gap toothed, and a modern day apothecary. I remember first meeting Danny thinking “oh he’s cute” and then he opened his mouth, eviscerating all levels of attraction with his voice…

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