I woke up this morning inspired to complete the poem I was writing yesterday just before I dozed off. Here it goes:

I don’t feel like writing
Zigzags in the deep sky
Deadly thunder strokes lightening
Illuminating my empty sheet
Somebody keeps wondering
For why is all the prattling

Food on the table, comfort
Mount Everest on my plate
A lava of stew
My spoon makes the jump
For the good of life

Why do we write
Bleeding thoughts on trees
Mother nature keeps crying
Her heart keeps melting
The cost of self expression
Minting her broken heart
Why do we write

Yea, I didn’t feel like writing at all, but I just decided to try. Half the time, I’m grappling with the question; why do we write? And where do we choose to write on?

I feel writers don’t get rewarded enough. In fact, writing has become so undesirable to the point that writers are so scared to tell people that they write. Telling a friend or stranger that you write is like leaking out a dirty secret. Writing now feels like an art that belonged to the 20th century. This is a world of science now, of computers, phones, spaceships, gadgets and whatnot.

But companies like WordPress.com and Facebook and Twitter and the likes still rely on writing to sell! Yea! Everybody goes on there to write what they feel. Just imagine Twitter without words. Imagine Facebook without posts. Imagine this very WordPress without our sentences and paragraphs. Mission impossible, right?

And still the art is ridiculed, while clueless people make billions off unsuspecting writers.

If the laws of nature permeated our human actions, then you should get paid for every sentence you construct anywhere on the internet. But we both know that human actions are far from logical.

Thanks for reading, friends. I hope we all figure out this writing thing. I believe everybody in the world has got something to say, and creativity should be rewarded.