The Rice Man

When Dave’s parents bought eight bags of rice, it was surely a reason to bring a wry smile to his face.

He watched from his room as two hefty men heaved up each bag from the trunk, holding it at the edges and trudging it through the terrace and into the house.

He counted studiously. One… two… three…

As soon as the men were done lifting all eight bags into the basement, Dave made for the basement with utter delight. He loved big bags of things, because he could chokeslam, kick, and punch them and not get punched back, very unlike his big-bagged bully, Bobby.

Bobby and Dave were classmates. Bobby was obviously ten times Dave’s size. They didn’t call him Fat Bob for no reason.

Dave had always fantasised chokeslaming Bobby ever since they became classmates.

“He’s just too fat. I could do so many painful moves to him,” Dave would tell his sister, Agatha.

“Look for someone your own size, Scrawny.” Agatha would reply.

But Dave wouldn’t go for anything less.

One bright Teusday, Dave decided to sting Bobby. His plan was to pin Bobby to a corner of the classroom, run to the opposite corner, and then charge at Bobby with full speed. He just wanted to make Fat Bob yelp.

After classes, as everyone was eagerly heading out of the classroom, someone cried.

“Fat Bob, today you go down!”

Everyone stopped dead in their tracks. Then they turned back in unison. Dave was at one corner of the classroom beside the bookshelf, and Bobby was about packing his bag.

All eyes were on Bobby, hungry for his reply. He disliked being called Fat Bob. The class knew this one was going to be interesting. They hadn’t seen a callout like that in eons. In fact, the last time there was a callout, it was the same Dave dishing the threats. That time, his target, Julio, was a bit slimmer than him. Dave knocked Julio out and ended up serving detention for a week.

“Go home,” Bobby replied.

The whole class went berserk, jeering at Dave to teach Fat Bob a big lesson.

“Go Dave, go dave…” they sang.

Dave made like he wanted to charge, then he remembered, Bobby had to be at the opposite corner of the classroom for the move to work. He walked up to Bobby and whispered something into his ears.

Bobby dropped his bag and walked to the opposite corner of the classroom, facing Dave.

Dave’s face became sinister. He pushed the wall behind him and ran for Bobby in full might.

The whole class watched with rapt attention.

Dave hit Bobby with freight force.

The whole class went silent.

There was one man standing, it wasn’t Dave, it was Bobby. Dave was on the floor trying to catch his breath while Bobby was standing tall and proud.

“Go home,” Bobby said, before walking through the crowd in raucous roar.



One comment

  1. Shantanu Baruah · 20 Days Ago

    A nice lesson at the end


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