Shiites and Police Clash in Abuja, Nigeria

I feel a little bit here and there today. Dreamy eyes, sleepy legs.

I woke up to intensified news about a clash in the capital, Abuja, between Shiites and the Nigerian Police. A Deputy Police Commissioner was killed in the clash and a youth corper anchoring for a TV station was also killed.

DPC Usman Umar killed in the clash between Shiites and the Nigerian Police Force

The Shiites are a Muslim sect who want the Islamatization of Nigeria. Their leader, El-Zakzaky, is allegedly in the custody of the Nigerian Government. Various courts have ordered his immediate release, but the government has resisted the order.

His followers often stage protests in the Capital asking for the release of their leader, but this time, things went violently. Various government properties were set ablaze. Shots were fired, and unfortunately, bodies followed.

It’s really a sad time. The youth corper that died in the clash, Precious Owolabi, was serving his mandatory one-year youth service with a popular TV station in the country. It’s just sad that youths have to go this way. I feel for his parents and loved ones.

Precious Owolabi was reporting the event when he was hit and killed by a bullet.

I just hope for peace in this multicultural country.

Every life is important, both victim and protestor. I just hope there comes a time in this world where one life is more precious than everything in the world.

Life is potential, and potential is everything.


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