Why worry?

As an empath, I love to feel across the world; people’s happiness, sadness, joy, surprise, et cetera. Although these emotions of happiness, sadness, joy, sorrow, are all interlinked, there are subtle differences in each of them. Sadness being the most noticeable for its life-zapping abilities. Anything that takes the life out of us is easily identified.

Somebody is sad right now, somebody is almost always sad in the world. We can’t all be happy, right? Or so it seems. Sadness looms around, like a saturated cloud, looking to rain down on any unsuspecting person. And it’s funny how easily we give into sadness. Ask yourself, what’s making me sad at the moment?


Look at the illustration above. You have a problem, you can solve it, then why worry? You have a problem, you can’t solve it, then why worry? You don’t have a problem, then why worry?

Worry uses up a lot of our energy, yet that’s what we do all day, worry. We worry about the future, we worry the past will catch up with us, we even worry about now. But there’s something about the future we need to know; the future can be any time, depending on your direction in life. You can even bring the past to the future if you keep moving toward the past. You can even be stagnant if you refuse to move and progress in life.

You consciously have to worry less. Too much worry is time wasting. Try to meditate instead, just breathe in and out, long breaths. You should be fine.


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