“Love that holds back is slavery”

Hi everyone. Let’s talk about love and all its many faces. Let’s talk about heartbreak. Let’s talk about unrequited love. Let’s talk about fake people. Let’s talk about pretenders.

Have you ever loved? Have you ever loved deeply? Have you ever not been able to love the way you’ve been loved? Have you ever felt incapable of loving? What did you do? Did you try? Did you counsel yourself?

The reason why I decided to raise this topic is because of the sheer number of mentally incapable people in the world today. Love as we know it is like 80% mind 20% body. And you’d be surprised how many people are mentally and physically  lazy to love in the world today. People are losing creativity by the second, hiding under the rigid guise of religion and tradition. Some people even get scared when they’re being loved deeply and laudably.

Please please please and please, if you love someone let them know. Let them know every second of every day. Don’t hold back because you don’t want to appear overbearing or weak. Love that holds back is not love at all. Love that holds back is slavery. You’re not in control when you love, love controls you. If you seek control in love then you have lost the whole point.

If you love someone, talk to them. Please talk to them. I have seen many cases where lovers go mute. Love shouldn’t shut you up. Love is silent but loud. You must keep reminding your loved ones how much you love them. There is no negotiating this. Write them a crappy poem. Tell them silly things. Say something, even if it’s stupid just say it. “Okay” and “Ok” won’t cut it. Instead of one-word replies, try to form a sentence. Words are all we have, and if love doesn’t bring them out of you nothing else will.

Love naughtily. Love unrestrained. Love passionately. Love universally.

Have a lovely day!


One thought on ““Love that holds back is slavery”

  1. Great post and topic! Showing/telling the people you love that you love them is so important! You never know what someone else is going through. Showing them love is something that could change their life! Thanks for the post!

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