20/06/2018 8:55

Hi everyone. It’s another beautiful day. Another day to aspire to greatness. A day to look at life from a positive view point. A day to appreciate life and what you have.

Life is a mystery as long as we exist. There are questions flying all around in the air and so little answers. Although we keep scavenging for any iota of meaning to our existence, we humans seem kinda lost, formulating different ways of expressing ourselves and depicting the creator of all things; God.

The real question is; are we lost or are we beautiful? It depends on how you wish to look at it. Just imagine that everyone on Earth thought the same things in the same ways, I imagine that life would be boring that way. So I dare to say we are all beautifully lost. But there’s more to life than meets the eye. There’s hope, there love, there’s family. And through each of these we express our love for the universe and what lies beyond.

Have a wonderful day.


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