17/06/2018 23:06

Power outage doesn’t make it easy to compose my thoughts online, but well, some parts of the world are still grasping with electrons and what they can do.

There’s an idea on my mind. One I think could fathom out well depending on how I tackle it. It appears as a classical idea, but with its uniqueness in the telling. It’s sci-fi, my kinda thing. The theme is love. And the plan is keep writing about it until the nail’s head is well into the slab.

This great story involves a mad scientist. Or let’s just say a scientist. He’s a bit mad at times though. He’s super smart, gifted. For the most part, I’m still thinking about his characteristics. This is why I decided to pen my thoughts out, so that readers can offer their perspectives and also for the inspiration. I get a lot of positive vibe when I air my thoughts out to potential readers here on WordPress. It’s a feeling akin to that of a footballer in a fully packed stadium — you just want to do your best but at the time be you.

So I decided to name my protagonist Bernard (No, not an idea from Westworld). The name Bernard seems to be balanced in pronunciation. The consonant B (for balance) and the ‘ard’ just give the name that succulence. Well, a name is a name, and truth is I haven’t fully decided on what it is. For all I care, it could be Richard (hell no) or Gabriel (too childish) or Thomas (too complicated). Well, I’m going to go back to researching English names.

Why English, you may ask. For one, my protagonist, Bernard, is a Nigerian. I think he schooled abroad (yes, I’m thinking because I honestly don’t know). Maybe MIT (for the hype) or maybe he schooled in Nigeria (I haven’t decided either). Bottom line is, he’s gifted, he’s a cheeky genius, humorous, and he’s in love (I’d get to that part). But if this story is to get anywhere, I really would want to create a link outside Nigeria. You know, to give it that global vibe.

The truth is, everything is in the air right now where whirlwinds are molding it to something magical. The most important part of my outburst is that YOU get to read me. That is the whole point of I AM A BOOK; that you get to read me as the book.

So, Bernard (for the sake of naming) is getting married. Yea, even mad scientists get married. He’s in love, crazy in love. With… well, in my mind I named her Rachael. I’m just not sure if that’d stick. Rachael loves Bernard for all he is; crazy, socially weird… I think Bernard met Rachael in his time abroad. He loved her from the word go. It was like she lit up his world. What Bernard loved most about her was her high spirits. She had this playful demeanor that made the world look like a kitten’s yarn. And when he yapped about Einstein’s law of relativity and warmholes, she just listened even though he couldn’t tell if she understood or not. She was literally the missing piece to his god formula. Love.

And in a matter of hours, Bernard would be getting married to Rachael. Maybe they’d get married in Nigeria, maybe in the U.S. But I’ve always pictured Nigeria. But it is again Nigerian culture to marry where the girl is from. Well, bottom line is they’re getting married with the full shebang. I thought about giving Bernard a professorship, you know, so that the whole mad scientist chatter would be more than mere hype. So how does Professor Bernard sound? Yea, the surname. About the surname, I decided to give him a name from my tribe, Ebira. The Ebira people are an ethnic group of central Nigeria, Kogi State, aka Confluence State. Yea, that’s where Rivers Niger and Benue meet. As you may or may not know, Nigeria is made up of more than 300 tribes and over 500 languages. What a mix-up, right? A colorful but sometimes calamitous one. It is quite convenient alone that English is the official language. Imagine if everyone went about speaking their different languages. Well, we still know where we’re from. We still remember our history.

How does Bernard Ataba sound? For the record, Ataba in Ebira means mountain in English. Actually the tribal name of my brother (it’s funny how his name got into my story). Initially, I used the name, Adavize, meaning father of wealth. But I just felt Bernard Adavize didn’t sound harmonious. Anyways, Bernard Ataba, sounds just all right with all the b’s. So I can say I have that part cleared.

How Bernard? He’s a Christian, so at baptism he was given Bernard. Of course he has a middle tribal name but that’s not of interest right now. So, yea, Professor Bernard Ataba. I think the name sounds too corporate. Maybe the b’s are too many. But it’s just two b’s. Whatever mehn. I’m actually looking for something that sounds sleazy. I mean, this guy is a crazy dude, a young professor in Physics, the youngest, in fact. He isn’t that bulky. He isn’t rigid in his gesticulations. In fact, he’s a slim dude, like me (but hey, this isn’t about me, not directly). Maybe a bit taller, not too tall to be mistaken for a basketballer, but tall enough.

Rachael could just as easily be Sarah. Hmm… I think Rachael is more of a standalone name than Sarah. Or maybe I just don’t know enough names. I still haven’t figured out a surname for Rachael. Maybe Rachael Smith (sounds too celeb-like) or Rachael Cummins. I know where you minds are darting to at the sound of Cummins, but hey, talk about humor. At least that last name will give many readers a good laugh plus it goes with her personality as a carefree person.

So professor Bernard Ataba from Nigeria is getting married to Rachael Cummins from the United States of A. It should be grandiose or maybe just a humble one. Maybe Rachael isn’t in for all the luxuries that weddings come with. Maybe she doesn’t mind if it’s a big one or a humble one. Or maybe Bernard’s lifestyle as a scientist would just dictate how the wedding would turn out. Scientists tend to move in cliques, so maybe it’d just be his colleagues, classmates, you know, people in his social core. But then again, he’s a Nigerian, and his family might want to blow the trumpet on this one. But then Rachael calls the shots, she’s the one he’s getting married to. It’s just that I have a lot of storylines for a Nigerian wedding. But unfortunately, it’s gonna be an American wedding, in America. Well, we could make that work, I guess.



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