When they got to the room downstairs, Patricia removed all their wearings and threw them to the bed.

“Tell me that didn’t just happen,” James freaked. “Patricia, are you like a mind reader or something?”

“You almost ratted us out there,” Patricia said.

“I know… I know, but that’s past. I mean, look at what we did there. We completely freaked him out!”

“Keep your voice low, it’s midnight,” Patricia cautioned.

“Common, you can’t tell me you’re not impressed by what we did.”

“Did you hear what he said?” Patricia asked.

“Yea, something like, ‘I promise I won’t hit her again’.”

“What does that mean?” Patricia quizzed.

“I don’t know, maybe he beats someone at home or something.”

“Hold that thought,” Patricia said, “He hasn’t talked about Aunt Lucy or Georgina or Paul since he came over.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“I smell trouble at home?” Patricia said, “I think we might be on to something.”

Aunt Lucy was Uncle Pat’s wife, and Georgina and Paul his children. And truly, he hadn’t talked about any of them, not even in passing, since he came over. And this made Patricia suspicious, especially with all that happened tonight.

“Let’s reconvene in the morning,” Patricia said, “I need to sleep now.”

When James got to his room, he was too freaked out to think of sleep. He played the events of the night over and over in his mind. He didn’t understand how Patricia could get into Uncle Pat’s head so easily. Or maybe it was the night she boldly watched him as he slept, he thought. James recycled this thought in his mind until it was almost morning, then he slept off.

“James,” Patricia called the first time, but there was no reply.


James woke up with an avalanche of déjà vu. It was the same manner Patricia called him the night before. But this time she wasn’t wearing any latex mask or wig.

“What?” he said, grudgingly, as he sat up

“I have a plan,” Patricia said.

James was thinking, ‘Not again.’

“Patricia, we barely made it out the last time, don’t tell me we’re going in tonight again.”

“Barely? You call our success barely? You’re such a sissy. I bet you’re still peeing your pants. Well, the plan isn’t about going back into the room, not yet. I think we should question Uncle Pat about Aunt Lucy. I just have this gut feeling that something is wrong back at home.”

“We can do that,” James replied.

Uncle Pat had made a promise when he came to always take the children out on weekends. So Patricia, James and John gone ready and in no time they were out to Wonder Land for some fun. James loved the bouncing castle, he’d jump on all sides and even climb up to the top, and everywhere was bouncy.

While Uncle Pat was driving in Dad’s car, Patricia made the move to ask him about his wife, Aunt Lucy.

“Uncle Pat, how’s Aunt Lucy?”

Instantly the car swerved so bad that Uncle Pat struggled to keep it control. It was a close one, just at the mention of Aunty Lucy. Uncle Pat cleared his throat.

“Uh… children, look, we’re almost close to Wonder Land where you’re going to have lots of fun, all of you. We’re going to have lots of ice cream, and–” Uncle Pat said.

“Uncle Pat,” Patricia cut him off, “I said how is Aunt Lucy.”

“You know, Georgina and Paul called today, they said to say hi to you guys. They said they wanted to come over but I don’t know if,” he paused. “If, you know, she’d let them come.”

Patricia noticed some strains in Uncle Pat’s voice. And he didn’t call his wife’s name, he only said she. ‘Why is he so scared of his wife?’ Patricia pondered. Some must really be wrong back home.

“Why wouldn’t Aunt Lucy let them come over?” Patricia asked.

“Maybe because of their lessons and all of that,” Uncle Pat replied.

“Then maybe I’d convince her to come over with them,” Patricia said.

Uncle Pat lost control of the steering again and this time he brushed a car on the side. Both drivers had to come out and soon there was little pandemonium by the roadside.

“What is wrong with you?” the other driver asked.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you coming,” Uncle Pat pleaded.

“Is that why you should swerve for no reason? Look, my car is brushed. How do I fix this?”

“I’m so sorry, we can get this fixed.”

“You better. Now I have to be late, I have sports by eleven.”

“I’m so sorry sir. Let me get your number, I’d foot the bill.”

So the other driver gave Uncle Pat his number. When they got back into the car Uncle Pat just wasn’t himself. He looked worked up.

“Uh… guys, I think we have to turn back. I have to get that man’s car fixed,” Uncle Pat said.

“But Uncle you promised,” John said.

“I know, John, let’s leave it till next week. Okay?”

When they got home, Uncle Pat and the kids narrated their ordeal to Dad and Mum, although they were a bit confused by the slight differences in the narrations.

“But I serviced the car earlier this week, and it’s been fine,” Dad said.

“I really don’t know what happened, I was on the steering, and next thing it swerved.”

“Hmm… I guess the mechanic would have to take a look at it,” Dad said.

Patricia knew in her mind that the way Uncle Pat told it wasn’t the way it went. For some reason, the name Lucy meant something horrible to him. And she had to figure it out.