28/03 something something

What’s the point in writing?

What’s the point in writing on the internet?

Do you know that your emotions are faster than you can write? That’s why writing sometimes is ineffective, unless you’re going to record whatever you have to write on a sound recorder and then transcribe later.

Be it as it may, it’s been a while since I jotted (sorry, typed) anything here on WordPress (with the capital P hehe). Uh… today, I just felt like typing something.

I know that the WordPress servers are busy recording everything, from the frequency of punctured keys on the keyboard to all the BS that’s written all over the platform. And they make money out of it too! Selling your thoughts and worries to companies that use them for whatever (that’s fucked up, right?)

But I’m happy Facebook got caught. Mind you, it’s not going to stop the data harvesting (that’s never going to go away, it’s a human problem not a moral one), but it has raised awareness about the topic. So, yea, WP servers store and store and store, but just know that I know hehehe. Because that’s the part they hate, you knowing.

My fingers are a bit cranky here. I’m thinking of how to end this post hehehe. The end. 😛


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