You haven’t replied my last two letters. What’s wrong? Well, for what it’s worth, Puppy is doing well, growing well too. I took a walk with him yesterday and people just kept gazing at us like what a wonderful pair. I think he misses his mum. I don’t think puppies should be away from their mothers at this stage. I mean, he’s so little. Can you imagine a baby of a few months taken from his mother? How do you think that baby would feel? Why do we humans do to animals what we don’t want done to us? Well, besides all the philosophical ramblings, I’m trying my best to take care of Puppy. He likes milk. I could watch him beat a bowl of milk with his tongue all day. I can imagine what he’d look like in a few months time. All grown up. They say they become less admirable when they’re grown. Well, you can say the same of human children too. I bet I was mum and dad’s delight when I was a baby. I can’t tell about now. I guess I’m a concern now. Funny but true.