Hey 33




I can imagine what your workplace is like, the drama that ensues. I think it’s giving me an idea for a particular scene in my book. You know I’m writing again, right? Well, it’s not fun, but I’m progressing. I remember I told you that the antagonist of my book might just die after all. But I think she’s putting up a fight. It’s her next kill that scares me most. Do you think there could be a book where the protagonist dies and the antagonist lives on? Would it make for an interesting book? You see, I’m a fan of ‘let the story lead you’, but I think I might just cut her short if she’s proving to be a diehard. Readers still need to believe that good prevails. Right? The bad guy lives on and the good guy dies and readers are lost on the moral of the story. So I think I might just kill her myself. I mean, I’m the writer, right? I have the power to do that. I have the power to kill any character. Let’s watch and see.


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