Hey 31




Thanks for coming through. I really appreciate. I found a website that showcases dogs for sale. But their prices are just too absurd. I still imagine fluffy sometimes. She liked cushy surfaces. Sometimes I try to imagine what her killer looks like. I think he’s bald, and calculating. The kind that rarely talks. I then try to imagine why he hates dogs. Maybe he had a cute little daughter, the kind everybody wants to say hello to. And then a dog killed her. And since then he has made it his life’s purpose to kill dogs. Not just any dog, but the dog he connects with. Do you think she struggled? For how long? I can imagine how painful it is to die by drowning. I remember when I was little. Dad would bath us and when it reached my turn I’d wish I could just disappear from the surface of the earth. I hated water touching my face. When he poured some over my head, I’d suddenly feel as though I were drowning. My breath would suddenly cease as I wrestled for the downpour to be over so I could get a chance to breathe again. Poor Fluffy. She must have gone through worse. I hope somehow her killer is brought to justice.


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