Hey 7



You know what, I regret ever loving you. Gosh! I was so blind. You really do not have a soul. Why do I always pick the bad ones? How can you just move on just like that? Were you ever in love with me? Please just tell me the truth. Is there someone else in your life now? Were you cheating on me the whole time? How could you be so mean? You know what, I think it is you who needs help. You’re just a demon. How could you say that to me? So I need help because I’m heartbroken? Is heartbreak a sickness now? You don’t have a soul! I wonder how I ever fell in love with you. You know what, go to hell, because that’s just what you deserve.


2 thoughts on “Hey 7

  1. It’s sad that someone you gave your whole heart into will just crush your heart at the end, without sign that person will be a monster towards you. Some people are cruel, and no being heartbroken is not a disease that you needed medical attention, it is something you need to get pass through to heal, it is a feeling you will have after a very painful breakup, why? Because you love that person, if they don’t felt the same maybe, they haven’t love you from the beginning. Get up and move on, someone somewhere deserves you, not now, take time to heal.


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