U.N punishes N. Korea with more sanctions

The U.N have imposed fresh sanctions on North Korea.

The United Nations Security Council passes new set of sanctions against North Korea during a meeting at U.N. headquarters, Monday, Sept. 11, 2017.
 (Jason DeCrow / AP)

These sanctions follow N. Korea’s recent nuclear missile test (the most successful of them all) and its ballistic missile test over Japan.

The U.N banned the sale of natural gas to N. Korea and also banned the sale of N. Korean textiles (the country’s second biggest export).

The U.N refused to place the extreme sanction suggested by Trump’s administration which involved cutting crude oil to the country totally.

Before these fresh sanctions, North Korea vowed to make the United States pay a heavy price if the U.N approves Washington’s brutal sanctions.

Though these fresh sanctions don’t totally cut N. Korea off, it remains to be seen how N. Korea will react.

It appears though that the sanctions on N. Korea are becoming more grievous, but whether it will stop its nuclear missile tests remains unknown.


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