Trump vs Obama: McGregor vs Mayweather. The similarities

If you watched the Mayweather-Gregor spectacle then you just might understand the striking similarity in Trump and Obama’s not-so-loud fight.

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McGregor fought openly against Mayweather, rarely defending himself. In a similar fashion, Trump rarely weighs his words and speaks aggressively with lots of mistakes.

Let’s say words as in politics are equivalent to punches in boxing.

McGregor credited Mayweather after the fight for being ‘composed’. We all know who’s the composed one between Trump and Obama. Mayweather would usually block his face with his arms and wait for the right time to strike a punch, just like Obama wouldn’t utter a word unless it was completely called for.

The most interesting aspect of this comparison is what happened later in the fight between McGregor and Mayweather. Gregor gassed out.

This forces me to ponder, would Trump gas out later in his term?



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