Why are all these hurricanes happening?

First of, an hurricane or a storm is a very natural phenomenon. Although there are plenty of technical explanations online about how a hurricane or tropical cyclone forms, the idea is pretty simple.

Hurricane formation as seen from space. Photo: Mike Trenchard, Earth Sciences & Image Analysis Laboratory , Johnson Space Center

We all know that our planet, Earth, rotates at high speeds. It doesn’t feel like we’re spinning, but the planet is spinning, and this spinning causes winds to blow over the surface of the Earth.

Earth as we know it is 70% water (yea, we are almost swallowed by oceans). In some regions of the earth, like around Africa, these waters or oceans are warm. It is this heat that begins the madness of the hurricane.

So the winds get heated by the warm ocean, and naturally hot air goes up and then cools high up and drops down and gets heated again and travels up and cools again and so on and so on. This movement of air and vapor happens so fast that it creates a ‘flush’ phenomenon.

The thunderous flush of an hurricane

You know when you flush a toilet and the water just starts spinning like mad and it goes down the drain. Yea, that’s the effect.

So this body of crazy wind just gets bigger and bigger as it travels the ocean and heavier too! And heavy moving things are hard to stop or control.

So imagine this unstoppable body of flushing wind and rain finds its way to land. What do you think the effect will be?

What happens when you flush the toilet and there’s something inside? The flush sucks everything down the drain with force.

This is exactly what an hurricane does, it flushes everything in its path. We’re talking houses, roofs, trees, cars, burying it all with millions of tons of water.

An hurricane flushes everything in its path (Reuters).

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