Why does Trump want immigrants gone?

Trump wants immigrants gone because he thinking they are taking the jobs that belong to Americans.

I’m still in shock because THIS America Trump is trying to protect is built on immigrants’ sweat!

Protesters marched from the White House toward Trump International Hotel on Tuesday after the announcement that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program was ending. Photo: Alex Wroblewski for The New York Times

It’s plain stupid, if you ask me, for Trump to send immigrants that have lived all their lives in the States to homes they don’t know and languages they can’t speak.

What is the assurance in theory  that if these ‘unlawful’ immigrants all go away then the employment rate will rise? What is the assurance that America will become any better for it?

I know Trump has his reasons, however shortsighted they may be, but on this one, he’s WRONG. He’s the wrongest.


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