Mayweather retires after fight with McGregor

Boxing is not such an easy sport to follow, the details are everything in the sport. A round lasts 3 minutes, doesn’t look like much, but on slow motion replay, you get to see the big punches, the sweat, the reactions, everything that makes boxing a great sport.

Mayweather just beat McGregor in the 10th round on a technical knockout. It was a great spectacle of a match. McGregor started throwing in the punches early while Mayweather did much of defending until the 7th, 8th and 9th round where the welterweight champion started throwing in defining punches.


McGregor’s reaction to a punch. Photo: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

“He was so composed,” McGregor said. “He’s not that powerful, but boy is he composed.”

With this victory, Mayweather retires.

“This was my last fight, ladies and gentlemen,” Mayweather said.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, into a family of boxers. His father was a former welterweight fighter himself. His uncles were professional boxers too. He attended Ottawa Hills High School before dropping out.

Boxing has been part of Mayweather’s life since he was a child. His grandmother quickly saw his potential, and when he told her he wanted to get a job, she speedily advised him against it.

His upbringing wasn’t rosey in any regard. His mother was a drug addict. His aunt died from AIDS contracted from drug use. Young Mayweather was able to escape these vices as he spent most time with his father at the gym training and working on his boxing.

His relationship with his father, he claims, was a troubled one as his father didn’t spend normal time like going to the park or to the movies with him. It was all boxing, Mayweather retorts.

Well, the boxing paid off, and Mayweather is great today for it. And after winning his fight with Conor McGregor I bet he’d have a sitdown with himself, reflection sort of.

With a clean record of 50 – 0, I bet he can retire peacefully.

But if you ask me, I think the champ still has some fight in him.


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