What if McGregor kicks Mayweather?

I know it’s something you’ve thought about, I’ve thought about it too.

What if McGregor gets frustrated in the fight and reverts to martial arts, you know, like deadly kicks, wresting moves and all that? I mean this guy is a martial arts pro, it could happen!

Mayweather: Oops, what’s that, is that a kick? 

Well, just to burst your bubble, provisions have been made for that and these provisions are not nice by any regard.

McGregor will be automatically disqualified if he uses any mixed martial arts move in his fight with Mayweather. And that’s not even the hammer. There’s a clause in the contract that penalizes McGregor if he goes rogue, I’m talking about huge fines and lots and lots and lots of lawsuits. It will literally wreck him to the ground.

And guess what? People are betting on it! Literally, putting their money on the possibility that McGregor will go rogue.

But wait a minute, wouldn’t you love to see McGregor go rouge? Imagine what a primely timed kick could do to Mayweather’s face.

It’s gonna take lots of discipline for McGregor not to err. I mean, this guy is used to using his leg at every instant, the temptation is gonna be surreal.

Surely McGregor is gonna be thinking, “Why don’t I end this thing with one kick?”


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