Silence broken on transfer madness

Am I the only one that has been raging inside about the outrageous monies top football clubs spend on buying players?

The answer is NO.

FiFPro, the Professional Fooballers Union blasted FIFA for its lopsided transfer rules and urged the European Commission to investigate the flow of money into the sport. The outrage was underlined by Neymar’s ridiculous $261 million deal that took him from Barca to PSG.


Neymar Jr.

FiFPro stressed that with the unrealistic transfer activities raiding the market, there is bound to be a polarity in the sport that threatens the competitive balance.

I mean, they have a point. If the big clubs are too big, then it’s no longer a sport, no intrigue, no surprises, nothing.

There are rules for this kind of thing; clubs must not spend more than they earn. It’s as simple as that. Or is it?

Whichever way, the madness must stop or soon we’re going to see clubs doling out half a billion dollars for just one player.


Photo: Getty


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