N Korea obsessed with missiles

Who fires these things anymore?

Missile testing by North Korea. Photo: KCNA/EPA

Short-range, long-range, medium-range… what is North Korea’s obsession with ballistic missiles?

These guys keep testing these things. They most recently fired 3 short-range ballistic missiles, 2 failed, and 1 eventually landed in the East Sea.

But really, what’s N Korea’s obsession with projectiles? Or are they just seeking attention from the U.S and the rest of the world? Or could they be preparing for war? Or could it all be political, power tug-of-war?

Now N Korea’s reputed is built on these warheads (crazy countries with their crazy profiles). Makes me wonder what Nigeria’s profile is.

Well, Nigeria is a beautiful country, still struggling economically even though we have oil. Our bane is corruption and political melodrama, there’s just too much drama in the political sphere. But there’s hope for Nigeria because Nigerians are relentless and hungry for progress.

Is there as much hope for North Korea? Are they relentlessly seeking war? Would they be another wasteland devoured by the big dogs?




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