How vulnerable you are online

On a daily basis we register or sign up for services online, where we give out confidential information about ourselves.

Research shows that your private data is not so ‘private’ after all.


How vulnerable are you online?


Imagine the internet as in a town, you hide something in a corner of a house in a big town. You think no one can possibly find it. But then, there are people who make it their duty to find that thing that you think no one can find. Well, these people may be bad people or luckily good people.

And that is  what Chris Vickery (director of cyber risk research at Upguard Security) is, good people.

Vickery has made it his duty to detect your information online and secure it before the bad guys do. I’m talking about voter registration records, account credentials, literally the things that make you you online. Vickery has spotted dozens of these open and penetrable databases.

Why is your information not secure as you think?

Simply because the companies you share your info with are careless. Need I remind you that humans work in these companies? A clumsy employer in charge of your info could recklessly dump it somewhere where it could be used to wreck you havoc.

It’s still down to the human factor, we’re not wired to be extremely careful like machines.

Well, let’s hope that Vickery and his good kind continue to spot out vulnerable information before the sharks do.

Trust me, you don’t want the sharks to get to it first.


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