Americans hate Trump

Trump will probably go down in history as the most controversial president ever. His statements are raw, his personality is provocative, his policies are a bit good, but his handling of sensitive political situations is poorer than any of his predecessor’s.

And this poor handling of political issues has reflected in Trump’s approval rating.

Trump is below the 40% line, getting the approval of only 34% of Americans. That’s the lowest any president in American history has ever done.

Trump appears to be crying. Well, what do you expect when your approval rating is LOW (AP).

And it’s at 34% because his fellow republicans are backing him up, which means it could be lower!

So why does America ‘hate’ Trump so much?

First of all, talk about uncontrolled rash speech. Trump just doesn’t know how to shut it sometimes. He gets ’emotional’ which is very uncharacteristic of his political level.

How did he ever win the election, you’d ask. Well, you know what they say, bad publicity is good publicity? That’s how. In fact, Trump’s poorer than poor approval ratings could be a blessing in disguise. You know when people hate you that much, and then a little thing makes them turn all that hate to love?

I mean, the line between love and hate is so thin and fickle.

So is Trump gonna get elected for second term? Is hate gonna turn to love?

As I said, a fickle line. Hate could very well remain hate, or could turn to love, or could turn to violence. We just have to wait and see.


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