N Korea: the complexities of war

The talk of sanctions by the U.S on North Korea is not news. N Korea has been hit with as many sanctions than it can take, all centering around their missile and nuclear programs.

But what we don’t know is the network behind these programs. Think of it, how is that despite all the sanctions, North Korea still manages to keep these controversial programs alive? Where do they get their resources from?

Photo: Wong Maye-E / AP



Recently, the U.S sanctioned Russian and Chinese firms for doing business with North Korea that aids their missile and nuclear weapons program. I’m talking about money laundering for North Korea, selling material to North Korea, and so many other back-channel deals.

This is how complicated the world we live in is, where countries accuse other countries but still indirectly aid them in the very things they accuse them about. It’s funny! And educative.

Look at the unending war in the Middle East (Trump is even talking about sending more troops in). Who sells these extremists weapons? How do they get money? How do they survive with the world against them?

This is the bane of humanity; we feed the things we hate. We want to obliterate terrorism, but we sell terrorists weapons! Forces one to think, what’s the whole point?



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