What will Wanczyk do with $758.7 million?

Think of all the things you could do with $758.7 million. I know, it’s stupid money. And don’t you dare say it isn’t because you hear of billionaires every day blah blah. Seven hundred and fifty eight million dollars is a LOT of money.




So yea, what would you do?

You bet Mavis Wanczyk (how do you pronounce that? Wanzeek? Maybe) is having the same thoughts as you right now, because Wanczyk is the winner of the $758.7 Powerball jackpot!! Yea, it’s crazy, 1 in 292 million crazy.

But seriously, what will she do with all that money?

You know, there’s something money does to you. Have you ever been broke? Both in your pocket and in your head? Yea, there’s something money does to the brain, it kinda activates certain sleeping parts of the brain (I bet studies show this too hahahaha, studies show everything! Hahahaha).

Okay, figures have it that she’s left with about $443.3 million after federal and state taxes.

Even at that it’s still a lot of money.

What will she do?

Charity? You know, Wanczyk works at Chicopee Medical Center in Massachusetts, so maybe she could do some medical charity ish, you know do some good work for the sick and all that.

Well, it’s her choice to make.

But hey, start thinking, because you might be the next Powerball Jack Potter (stuff of magic, right?)


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