iOS 11; cops can’t intrude no more

Some month back, I had my bag strapped down my shoulders when a rickety policeman suddenly stopped me and asked to see the content of my bag. I cooperated with and him and his crew. They checked, only to see clothes and whatnot, nothing contraband or anything. Then they pulled out my tablet and forced me to unlock it. I did (crazy, I know). Only heaven knows what they were looking for. His stupid colleague browsed through my messages! Only then was I angered beyond a doubt. ‘Do they have the right to do this?’ I thought. But hey, crazy police dudes with guns, you don’t want to ask that out loud. Long story short, I got my stuff back but I wasn’t pleased.

All you need do is press the lock button 5 times. 

Well, good news for all the victims of police invasion, because the new iOS 11 can prevent anybody from forcing you to unlock your phone. All you need do is press the lock button of your iphone 5 times and your phone enters an emergency mode that brings up an SOS screen with a button that if toggled, alerts your emergency contacts to your location.

Police 0 – 1 Public


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