Inside Mark Zuckerberg’s head

Though teenagers are carried away by Snapchat and whatnot, this doesn’t even begin to disturb Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to ‘conquer the world’.

Since the inception of Facebook in 2004, the tech genius has been gobbling everything gobble-able, acquiring 50 wholesome companies along the way.



In April 2012, Facebook bought Instagram, the photo sharing platform, for $1 billion. Facebook bought Oculus VR, the virtual reality tech company, for $2 billion. And then the big one, WhatsApp, the mobile internet messaging service for a staggering $19 billion.

Reminds me of the game I used to play a while ago, in which a worm eats food along the way and gets bigger each time.

So what makes Mark Zuckerberg tick? What’s that thing that keeps him aspiring for more?

This question makes me think of football managers. Big time managers are always looking out for talents to buy from other clubs. When a manager’s mind is set on a player he wants to bring over, it kind of consumes his mind. He suddenly feels his tactic and the club at large is incompletely without that one world-class player.

This is exactly how Mark Zuckerberg views the world, it’s all a game in his mind. Companies are like players to acquire, and he doesn’t rest until he acquires that particular company. In fact, he is incomplete if he can’t complete the deal for a company he wants.

Wouldn’t you want to play at his level? I most definitely would!




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