Walmart’s floating warehouse plan

A floating warehouse!

Well, it was Amazon’s idea first, but notwithstanding, these retail giants have gone mad!

A floating warehouse looks ingeniously simple, but intricately complicated. Lots of moving pieces, lots of calculation and all that, but I’m not going to go into the nitty-gritty of it all.

Let’s just take a moment to suck it in. A floating warehouse… phew! The gravity of such a simple idea!

The floating warehouse would be so large that little drones could fly in and out and make deliveries to homes.

I mean, this is the stuff we watch in movies.




It’s crazy enough that drones now deliver packages at doorsteps, but then a floating warehouse? Somebody do something!


So it appears that the two retail giants (Amazon and Walmart) are warring on revolutionary ideas, ideas that could literally change the market big time. Only huge powerhouses like Amazon and Walmart can put forth such ideas because it takes huge capacity to revolutionize an existing market.

A movable warehouse with movable drones…

it’s endless, man. Phew!




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